The best in acoustic music: contemporary and traditional folk, country, blues, comedy, jazz & standards
Every other Monday (closed during July) 8.00 p.m. - 10.30 p.m.
The Racehorse, Stratford Road, Warwick
    The last thing we want to do is to put you off just turning up on Performers’ Nights but they are
usually very popular and we hate having to say we’re full but there are a limited number of spaces.
Anyone arriving before 8.00 p.m. is fairly sure of a spot of ten minutes (normally two songs, unless
those songs are “Matty Groves” and “Tam Lin”...)
     There aren’t many rules apart from
    1) Please try not to overrun and
    2) Only one original per two song set.
    There are twelve spaces to be allocated and more often than not, that’s just right. We do sometimes
overrun our stated 10.30 p.m. finishing time but we try not to.
    So especially if you’re coming from a distance or you’d definitely like to reserve yourself a space,
please just send an email (click on that word and a message box will appear) saying you’re planning
to come. The only other thing we ask is that if you do that and find you can’t come for any reason,
please let us know that as well. Whatever style of music you perform, please don’t ever feel the need
to apologise, saying “Well, this isn’t really a folk song...” We think everything can be a folk song!
    And of course, these nights are not just for performers! They’re popular with the audience too
because they know there’ll be a good standard with a wide range of styles and music. Either way
it’s only £2 and about the cheapest night’s entertainment you could find anywhere.
    Do come and join us!  Click on “How To Find Us” on the left hand column for information about
where we are - The Racehorse is very easy to find and the club is very easy to sing at!