What Went On Dec 19th
The best in acoustic music: contemporary and traditional folk, country, blues, comedy, jazz & standards
Every other Monday (closed during July & August) 8.00 p.m. - 10.30 p.m.
Held at The Warwick Arms Hotel, High Street, Warwick CV34 4AT
What Went On
December 19th - The WFC Christmas Party                       January 16th
    The party had a bit of a panto atmosphere
to it (“Oh, no it didn’t...”Dave Fry (left) was
MC but there was some music as well
(shame, hiss...!) from Thrup’nny Bits (right)
who did some seasonal songs and sillies.
The second half included a folk club version of the
popular afternoon game show Pointless which
was renamed “Folking Pointless”... Jan & Campbell
(right) were the finalists but given a winning answer
by Robin (2nd left). Live musical accompaniment was
provided by Chris Tobin (in the jaunty red hat at the
back) who also finished the evening in traditional
Adding further silliness to the singers in the
first half was The Great Normando (below)
seen here with Jenny, one of the “volunteers ”
(or should that be victims...)
In the mind-reading
part, the  “reading”
was done by Miss Viv
Acious, ably assisted
by The Elves (Sue
and Sally.) All the
colours were revealed
correctly and there
was - genuinely -
no prior collaboration.
“It was the 8 of hearts!”