What Went On Feb 13th
The best in acoustic music: contemporary and traditional folk, country, blues, comedy, jazz & standards
Every other Monday (closed during July & August) 8.00 p.m. - 10.30 p.m.
Held at The Warwick Arms Hotel, High Street, Warwick CV34 4AT
What Went On
February 13th - Performers’ Night with art exhibition      February 27th
We had a first-time
visit by Bethany
Weimers from
Oxford who treated
us to some of her
own songs and her
reading of “Henry
Martin” - “There
were three brothers
in merry Scot-land...”
Kevin Dempsey dropped in
to give us a  little foretaste of
what to expect when he’s the
guest on March 27th.
One of his choices was a
version of the traditional song
“Pretty Polly” complete with
what appeared to be effortless
but stunning guitar work...
The art exhibition featured
two of our regulars, Dee
Luntley (wife of Michael, he
of The Sheep Dip Sessions)
and also Rik Middleton (his
pictures are on the right,
Both artists made sales and
it created a great deal of
interest during the interval
and at the end of the
evening’s music.
“Sheep In Snow”
“Birches 2”
“Danny The Bass”
“Coombe Heronry”