The best in acoustic music: contemporary and traditional folk, country, blues, comedy, jazz & standards
Every other Monday (closed during July) 8.00 p.m. - 10.30 p.m.
The Racehorse, Stratford Road, Warwick CV34 6AS
The Katies - Katie (left, sometimes
to be seen with The Bonfire
Radicals) on flute and clarinet;
Katy (right) on guitar with an
original “Okarito” about a place in
New Zealand and the Gershwins’ great
song “Someone To Watch Over Me”
What Went On
November 5th - Performers’ Night
  No fewer than three first-time performers at the club for this night and the songs ranged from Hank
Williams, a psychedelic 60’s pop song, something about the Gunpowder Plot, a bit of Beatles and even
a spot of Gershwin.
Club regulars Thrup’nny Bits sang about
the reasons why we remember this
date and regaled us with descriptions
of the dastardly plot to blow up parliament
Pete Watkins said his
home town of Port Talbot
was also a “Dirty Old Town”
and did a song of his
about mining in
South Wales called
“Easier To Breathe”
“Occasional regular”
Allan Richardson did
what must be one of the
few songs about biscuits...
Chris & Caitlin, the seond of the
debutants, with bouzouki and
whistle and songs about
Staffordshire (where they live),
Caitlin’s grandma and one with
a fine chorus for joining in
“River Carry Me Home”